Bo Hines


I am 100% pro-life

I am 100% pro-gun

I am 100% pro-free speech

I am 100% pro-Trump"

- Bo Hines

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“I’ve always been a hard worker.”

Dear families of North Carolina,

I’ve always been a hard worker.

I started playing football when I was just six years old. On the field I learned to work hard and persist when things got tough, valuable lessons that eventually earned me a scholarship to play football at NC State.

After my freshman year, I transferred to Yale University to study political science and witness the legislative process first-hand on Capitol Hill. After graduating from Yale, I pursued a law degree from the Wake Forest School of Law to escape the leftist propaganda of the Ivy League.

I’m a fighter through-and-through. As my wife and I embark on our journey to start a family, I want to do my part to preserve our values, our heritage, and ensure North Carolina reaches the heights of its potential.

If you believe in North Carolina like I do, I humbly ask for your support this November.

- Bo Hines

Bo’s Priorities are Our Priorities